Vs road


” When love calls you, followed,
All the trails are rough and steep.
and when its wings to embrace, surrender
All the sword hidden among the wings can hurt you.
and when you speak, believe the,
only the voice may scatter
your dreams as the north wind that deserted garden.”

Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet




we heard that we read poetry, prophetic words with strong meanings even revealing itself even about the importance of dreams. You may have wondered many times: what is the essence, what is the point,  in those of phrases depicting my picture shows, how I understand those.

There are excellent poets, painters, prophets, who can analyze the important artists and poets words even in our time.  But after a little research I noticed that very few of the stardom can completely understand the meaning eg. a drawing,  a verse and in our specific case concerns the phrases.   A small sample is as the verse above,  in a small distinctive literary character book inscribed these words, but what struck me was that not understanding, interpreting the entire interpretation, this is not surprising me because those  phrases above was written by a poet and philosopher who has lived a troubled life in Lebanon.  So that the way of expressions is run of influence has experienced,  this could explain the “broken wings” work  is no accident.
Main text
At a glance,  these phrases that mention above the “prophet” work, made me wonder a psychological law of Heraclitus, the regulator operates the contradictions which he called against runners, the importance of this concept is : sooner or later each thing reaches the opposite of “.
Could, there is a possibility, the whole world does not mean that consists of a well-shaped magnet which can attracts anything and always the same with love, to follow it is difficult, it tests if the hurt, things can turn instead, and when the heart is hypnotized will believe his words as a vow but is when the heart becomes a spoiled child with torrents emotional memories and anger that can turn with a winding momentum against.
Experience can interpret the phrases that are hidden deep meanings of course, another way is technical analysis and a good overview of the history of Authors. even academic books are one of the most valuable choices.

Drawing the lonely wolf with pencil and crayons


The gray wolf or else as we know the timber wolf is found the wilderness and remote areas of North America, Eurasia. the fur is mixed, much more gray and less brown color. The wolfs are in the same species as the dog. The wolf is a strong and independent animal that’s why we choose to paint it, following the instructions shown the way to design.

Eyes of wolf

The eyes of the wolf-shaped oval, we draw the pupils. The eyes color is dark yellow. To illustrate the intense gaze planned with blue Lines around the eye, which are horizontal and vertical lines. Αt the beginning we start drawing with a pencil to design the eyes later we put the blue lines with crayons. The type of pencil that we use throughout the project is the 2b faver Kastelli which is the soft pencil. Over the eyes have designed the brow which is the eyes. with soft pencil we form a half moon shape the brow and top pass blue eyebrow. Τhe key element play important main role in a drawing is the shadows and shades, are those ingredients that give vitality and feelings either pity or joy. The front we made horizontal lines that cut to the left and which is irregular stained with soft pencil. Right and left around the face of wolf we have added only vertical lines irregular with colored pencils, two color, the dark brown and dark blue, inside the face of wolf there are other lines that are only half-circle-shaped and having these two colors, dark brown and dark blue. Assuming that the sunlight comes to the left then the most intense features of the wolf, will appear on the right side and light color on the left side. Again we have the color blue to highlight how the glistening white.

Nose of wolf

As seeing the face is facing towards the right hand side of this and designed the nose between the eyes and which intersects towards the right side. the cycle of the nose is designed blue, we did this to show that sunlight makes various shades even the colors are dark, of course nose of wolf is black but the sun’s rays which vary because it rays aren’t only light yellow color, has other colors as orange, white, red, red oil and go on. Under the nose we visualize the air that turns out. Because it is frozen the air we formed irregularly circular shapes which are joined together. Τhe color can show the air visibility is blue.

Ears of wolf

As we have mentioned from the beginning the wolf is turned from the right side which means that the right ear will have a more intense color than the left ear. To paint the ears are quite easy, it’s like we draw triangles and generally all the projects look like geometry, because some rules apply as equidistant the shapes. The distances of objects or shapes shows the balance namely the harmony and logical.


Trees are an element which we can visualize either with the details or the abstract this means that it is easily recognized by its shape and color. trees shown in the picture are the firs. The trees are shaped like a pyramid for this lines start from the smaller to biggest.

Body of wolf

Skin color plays a second role and project completion ie how successful the project is to create feelings of course feelings can not only be joy or sorrow. A project generates curiosity and it is done, usually by creating various items and look like normal but isn’t not, for example the leading French painter Paul Cézanne, the painting shows painted various clocks that look like cloth on a table. Let us look at the skin of wolves to be painted. Some lines are just brown and even perpendicular cut depending on how the standing animal, the lines are placed accordingly we imagine how falls the light, to make the coat is like painting a feather.


The portrayal of the mountains can be done not only with the blue colors as we have done but can be done in gray, leaving white spots that gaps. Mountains are conical shape and with many ends in side view and front, the mountains that we paint is not enough snow because we want to show the wildness that have sides mountains.

In conclusion

One of the best feelings is to observe the surrounding nature and the best gift is the our repect for the naturally, nature has many gifts creatures, one of those we have mentioned above, and we visualize to show the beauty and power of creativity because indeed the nature show us the art.

written by Mariapesma.